Thursday, March 13, 2014

If the only place that is cold is your backyard, does it mean Global Warming is wrong?

Came across this over at Jeff Masters venerable  blog   A poster, RetiredPhysicist (now that is a moniker that I can relate to) posted the following figure (Jon Martin at UW-Madison)

The image above shows the total square kilometers covered by 850 hPa temperatures < -5 C for the DJF period in comparison to "normal" (solid blue is mean, and the dashed are +/- 1 standard deviation).  Data is for 1948-49 to present.
RP summed it up nicely:
He also noted that this year had the least overall (time averaged/integrated) spatial extent for the period of record. 
We, unfortunately, have been the ones stuck in the anomalously coldest pocket the entire time.

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